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Jessica is passionate about the Washington luxury real estate market & being part of the Brazen Sotheby’s International Realty team. She utilizes all the skills she has been honing over the course of her life to make an impactful, positive difference on the lives of her clients. Jessica is driven by interpersonal interactions and a passion for helping others. She loves getting each client a great deal, or finding them the perfect new home. Her love of her job shows through, both before a contract has been signed and after, during the negotiating process, when the real work begins. She knows that whatever the task, it’s all about bringing a positive attitude and client-driven approach to the job at hand.

Jessica’s personal experiences with real estate transactions as well as being a PNW native, are tremendous assets for her clients. Having bought and sold several houses of her own, and invested in numerous properties, she’s experienced many of the same things her clients have. She can commiserate with them on a personal level, and is familiar first-hand with whatever process they’re going through.

Jessica loves spending time with the people she cares about the most in life. From enjoying a meal out with a loved one or just sharing a revitalizing cup of coffee with them, she thrives on that personal connection. Jessica can regularly be found in the kitchen cooking up fresh, local foods usually sourced from the neighborhood farmers’ market. She realizes that time is a valuable commodity and seeks out ways to enjoy every moment. From funny movies to salsa on2, she knows the value of keeping things fun and lighthearted.  Jessica is never too busy for the people & things that mean the most in her life. 

Jessica Kirker works in Bellevue which has a population of 121,497. Bellevue has a household income of $63,358. The educational attainment of residents of Bellevue includes 79.72% of adults who have at least a college degree.
Residents in Bellevue will typically attend school in Bellevue School District.

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Jessica Kirker

10138 Main Street
Bellevue, Washington 98004 United States

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